Selasa, 21 September 2010

Kurasushi Restaurant is The Cheapest Sushi Restaurant in Japan... (*Only 100 yen...)

Kurasushi restaurant is one of the cheapest sushi restaurant in Japan, especially in Saitama-shi, Tokyo. 

Kurasushi restaurants provide various types of sushi and only 100 yen, you can eat sushi here.

This is the second time for me to visit "kurasushi restaurant". The first time I visited the "kurasushi restaurant" about two years ago when Sakai Sensei (*She is a Japanese language teacher in Saitama Daigaku) treated me. 

This time, I visited "kurasushi restaurant" with my best friend. My best friend lives in Nagaoka and she came to my apato for three days. She treated me in "kurasushi restaurant" on Saturday, two days ago.

She never visited the "kurasushi restaurant" and she also rarely eat sushi. I also rarely eat sushi because I do not like raw fish.

If my friend treated me to eat sushi at "sushi restaurant", I always avoid raw fish. I always choose sushi without raw fish, it looks like it's not sushi .... but what can I say ....^_^.....

This is one of the sushi menu provided by "kurasushi restaurant." I do not eat these kinds of sushi.

If you are a fan of sushi, this type of sushi is the most convenient for you. But not for me.... >_<....

It's made from tofu and rice, very tasty...!!! This is one of my favorites.

This is one of the "menu" that I could not eat it because it was made of "pork". 

It's made from tamago or egg and rice with pasta, very tasty...!!! This is one of my favorites.

You should try it...!!! 

This is the "Miso Soup", very tasty..!!! ... It is made from vegetables and tofu...

This is one of the sushi menu provided by "kurasushi restaurant". I do not eat these kinds of sushi.

This sushi, consisting of baby octopus ....

This is a corn and mushroom soup, very tasty ...!!!.. The price of this soup is 250 yen.

"Kurasushi Restaurant" also provides  mochi ... 

In addition you can also eat the fruit, one of which is pineapple. 

You can also order ice cream and cake....

This is one of the menu provided in "kurasushi restaurant"....

Do you want to visit the "kurasushi restaurant" ??.. Hmmmm... I think that You should try it if you chance to vacation in Tokyo ... Don't missed it, ok..!!... Do you want to know about the atmosphere of "kurasushi restaurant"? Please check the following video: Kurasushi Restaurant by imma-san 

by: imma.w.a.
721-8 Kami-okubo, Sakura-ku
Saitama-shi, Japan 


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