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Ichigan Resto in Minami Yono : "Small Party with Sakai Sensei....."

This is the second time for me, was invited to eat at "Ichigan Restaurants" by Sakai Sensei. Sakai Sensei is a Japanese language teacher in Saitama daigaku. She's very patient, kind and friendly. Anyway, she is the best Japanese language teacher I have ever met in Japan, especially in Saitama daigaku.

I still remember when Sakai Sensei invited me to eat at "Kurasushi Restaurant" years ago. That's the first time for me to visit "Kurasushi Restaurants" and tried to eat sushi. It was an unforgettable moment for me.

And yesterday, for the second time she invited me to eat at a restaurant that I had never visited before. Honestly, I was really surprised when I received her invitation by email, because I had been so long never see her. I met her last time when Japanese language class that I follow have been exhausted. I just followed the Japanese language class in the first year only.

I have some memories about Sakai Sensei. One of them: I still remember, when I had a bicycle accident two years ago, Sakai Sensei visiting my lab, carrying fruit to me. I was really surprised with her visit. Surprised and thrilled .... She's really very caring to me....
There are several Japanese-language teacher in Saitama daigaku, but Sakai Sensei is the best teacher and she is very special for us who are taught by her. She always makes us feel happy to learn Japanese. In addition, classroom atmosphere was really fun because of her. She could always make us feel "not bored". When she saw us starting to look sleepy, she will offer to drink "coffee milk" or "tea" in the classroom. She also provides some snacks for us. It's really a teacher who was very kind and caring. Very-very good teacher for us.

This small party was held by Sakai Sensei as a parting gift for our 3 friends who have successfully completed their master's program. They are Rouf-san and Sayeed-san from Bangladesh, and  July-san from Myanmar.

They will return to their respective countries this month and that means that we will never see them again. Hmmmm .... very touching ... Honestly, I would really miss  July-san ... She is my best friend during my time in Japan.

It was becoming increasingly lonely, one by one friend to go to return to their country.

Do you want to know about Sakai Sensei? please see the following video: http://Sakai Sensei by imma-san

"Ichigan Restaurant" provides a variety of menus, ranging from vegetables, fish, tofu, seafood, rice, noodles, and also meat.  

Here also provide beer, wine, juice and softdrink. It's very convenient for everyone. Divided into several rooms. There is a room open and a closed room for several people (about 6-8 persons). 

If you want to see about the atmosphere of "Ichigan Restaurant", please see the following video: http://Ichigan Resto by imma-san (*I recorded it using a pocket video)

This is one of the menu provided in "Ichigan Restaurant", consisting of vegetables, mushrooms with a very tasty pasta sauce.

This is the "Tempura", very tasty..!!! ... You should try it ...

Do you like "sashimi"?.... This is one type of "sashimi" provided in "Ichigan Restaurant".

If you like it, please try it...

This is one of the "set menu", consisting of miso soup, tempura, tofu, seafood, rice and sauces.

This is a "halal food", so you can eat this... Don't worry... 

This is one of the "menu" that I could not eat it because it was made of "pork".

So, I can not tell you how the flavors of these foods. Delicious or not, I don't know. But according to my friend, they said that this is very delicious... :D

This is a "set menu" sashimi, consisting of sashimi, rice, miso soup, tofu and "baby octopus".......

Are you interested in visiting "Ichigan Restaurant"?

This restaurant is very close to Minami Yono Station, you only need to walk about 2 minutes from the station.

Please come there if you were in Saitama-shi. This restaurant is not too expensive and the place is very comfortable.

Congratulations tour culinary for you....

*Salam sejuk dari negeri sakura....

by: imma.w.a.
721-8 Kami-okubo, Sakura-ku
Saitama-shi, Japan    


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