Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Tap Water in Sakura-ward, Saitama-shi, Japan... (*Please be calm...)

Today, We explain the situation of tap water in Sakura ward,Saitama-shi. As you watched on TV, radioactive materials were detected at the water purification plant in Tokyo.  Actually, also in Saitama, a small amount has been detected for these days. In case of us in Sakura ward, we use the Okubo water purification plant. The values recently detected there were:

           iodine-131   caesium-134   caesium-137
3/19    0.62 Bq/kg             None              None
3/20    0.93 Bq/kg             None              None
3/21    2.00 Bq/kg             None              None
3/22    3.40 Bq/kg             None              None
3/23    9.20 Bq/kg             None              None
3/24   12.00 Bq/kg     0.17 Bq/kg      0.15 Bq/kg
3/25   18.00 Bq/kg     0.39 Bq/kg      0.43 Bq/kg

While the values of radioactivity are slightly increasing, they are much less than criteria in Japan. The criteria for tap water in Japan are summarized here.

Iodine: 300 Bq/kg, (100 Bq/kg for children)
Caesium: 200 Bq/kg

Recent values do not violate the law in Japan.
However, how can we judge whether the values are safe or not by ourself? Can't we drink the tap water immediately if the values exceed or approach the criteria?

So, we need to understand scientific and medical meanings of these values to survive in Japan and protect ourself and our family. Otherwise, we will not live a calm life if we always confuse or worry about changes of situation broadcasted on TV.

We'll try to explain here little by little from next time...
Take care yourself...

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