Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

IT IS NOT NUCLEAR EXPLOSION..!!!... : Small radiation value of SAITAMA......

So many people worry about radiation in every area of Kantou related to the accident in Fukhusima nuclear power plant. We should not worry about that because it is small radiation. For example, the radiation value in Saitama is 1.222 micro Sv/h (Mar 15, Maximum).

This value DOESN'T influence our health so much. For example, if you go to New York from Tokyo by airplane, you may be exposed to radiation 190 micro Sv/h. Or, when you have a X-rays medical examination, you are exposed to radiation 600 micro Sv once.

But, it is fact that you are exposed to more radiation than usual. You should be careful and had better stay inside.

This is the full information about the radiation value:
Miyagi: 1.2 - 5.7 
Iwaki: 23.72
Utsunomiya: 1.318
Gunma: 0.562
SAITAMA: 1.222
Chiba: 0.087
Tokyo/Shinjuku: 0.809
Kanagawa: 0.258

Related to the accident at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, you can see here: http://www.kaij.jp/pdf/Accident_at_Fukushima_Nuclear_Power_Plant_eng.pdf. The conclusions are:
  • We are safe unless we go near the nuclear power plant
  • Even if we are near the nuclear power plant, there is no problem if we wear mask and long-sleeved shirt, and wash our hands and shirt when coming home from outside
  • We can conclude that it has no effect on TOKYO
  • We can trust the information announced by the Japanese government
Everything is ok. So, please be calm....

By: imma.w.a.
Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi

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Country Girl mengatakan...

Then why are so many people crowding into the airports to leave Japan? And what about the radiation that is blown around by the wind? I heard that the wind is going East until Sat. then it will blow West and toward Tokyo. Do you not agree that the conditions are unsafe for pregnant women? ~ I am glad you are safe so far.

imma.ub.saitama mengatakan...

Dear Country girl, thank you so much for your visit in my blog... :D... Related to your question, many people decided to leave from Japan because many reason. But I just want to explain that the situation is better now and also the radiation also decrease. You can read from the link that I written in my blog. hummm related to unsafe depend on the location (*I mean the radius of the city to the main problem (Fukushima)). Radiation in fukushima just only 23, it is normal and not so dangerous. Ok, thank you so much